Follow this tutorial to set up your iOS device to for use with the LGfL StaffMail system. This tutorial will work with both iPhones and iPads.

Locate the Setting application.

Within settings, locate the Passwords & Accounts section.

Click the "Add Account" link.

Choose "Exchange".

Complete the following fields:

  • Email: Enter your USO username followed by
  • Description: Enter a useful description (e.g. LGfL StaffMail)

Click "Next"

A pop up box will appear. Click "Configure Manually".

 Enter your USO password. Click "Next".

You will be asked to input some extra details:

  • Server: Enter
  • Domain: Enter LGFLMAIL
  • Username: Enter your USO username

Click "Save" and your device will check your credentials with the server:

The account should be set up, next go into the mail settings for StaffMail and set up as needed:

Switch on which components of StaffMail you wish to synchronise and how long to keep items on your device.

Click the back to Mail arrow (top left).

Congratulations, your iOS device should now be configured.

If you have any problems, please contact IT support.