The is a guide on how to setup the security questions with the LSEC Password Reset Tool which will allow you to change your LSEC password.


Firstly head over to It should look like this:

Click "My Account".

To login to this page use the LSEC details that the IT Department have provided you with:

  • LSEC Username, your full first name normally followed by the first or the first few letters of your surname
  • LSEC Password, this is normally your USO password with a capital letter at the beginning

Click "Login".

Once you are logged in you will be presented with this page. On the menu at the top click "Contact Details".

Before setting up the security questions you need to add your work email to be able to recieve confirmation emails. Type in your,,, or email address and click "Add".
This should then add that email adress below.

Next, go back to the menu at the top and click "Your Answers".

Here you have three options for your questions;

  • You can either use the pre-set questions on the left hand side
  • You can use your own questions on the right hand side
  • A mixture of both

You will need to set three questions. When entering questions they will be input as passwords, use the small icon on the right hand side of the box to check your answers are correct and then click "Add".

After you have completed this it will let you know you have answered enough questions. Double check they are correct and click "Save".

You have now set your security questions for your LSEC account. Check the email address that you added earlier to see if you have recieved the confirmation email about setting your questions.

If you have recieved that email then you're done! We sugest you write down these questions somewhere and keep it safe so you can access them if you need them.

Now you're all setup in order to change/reset your password using this tutorial: