Alan Farrell
Head of School

Welcome to Horizons Academy Bexley

Horizons Academy Bexley is part of the New Horizons Federation hub of schools.  Horizons Academy is an alternative provision school which provides education for pupils who have been permanently excluded and live in London Borough of Bexley as well as offering places to out of borough children where their home school wishes to commission a place.  Horizons places strong emphasis on early intervention and also offers short term placements through the Refocus Programme for pupils who are at risk of exclusion and presenting challenges in their home school. 

Housed in a purpose-built school, Horizons is able to provide high quality education and behaviour intervention programmes for pupils who are either excluded or at risk of exclusion and who live within the borough.  The school caters for children and young people from Key Stage 1 through to Key Stage 4, offering a range of services from short term respite provision to longer term education for students in Key Stage 4 for whom mainstream school is no longer a viable option.  New Horizons also works intensively with pupils post-16 who have attended their schools, Horizons Academy and Endeavour Academy, to support pupils in Years 12 and 13 maintain their educational placements, training programmes or employment.

Horizons Academy is ultimately a school where learning is at the centre of all we do.  However, the diverse needs of our population mean that we are adaptable and responsive in finding solutions to the behavioural barriers to learning and work with our partners, parents / carers, other agencies and mainstream schools, to secure the best outcomes for our students.  We aim to reintegrate to mainstream almost all pupils in Key Stages 1-3 and provide a robust and broad curriculum for our longer term students to facilitate their transition to Key Stage 5 without disadvantage to them through being in an “alternative” learning environment.

Our role here at Horizons is to work with children / young people and their families, identify their needs, potential barriers and risks, support their learning, signpost them to other agencies and work collaboratively with their home schools to successfully reintegrate them to mainstream school or plan together as part of a programme promoting individual achievement.  We are not a “sin bin” or a last resort, but part of the journey of success and inclusion for every child who comes through out door.

We look forward to working with you and supporting young people for whom school may be a challenge and who require a more intensive and consistent framework for success.