Ms. S. Graham
Asst Head - Re-Focus

The Refocus Programme provides targeted intervention for pupils that address behaviour which otherwise could lead to permanent exclusion from school. The programme offers a 14 week full time placement at Horizons Academy and is suitable for KS1 and KS2 primary and KS3 secondary pupils. 

Pupils follow a broad curriculum including a personal and social development programme based on cognitive behavioural strategies. These aim to support pupils to manage their way of relating to other people and situations that may otherwise cause problems and obstacles in a mainstream educational setting.

In addition all pupils participate in the Reintegration Success Programme which is delivered each week. This programme is designed to address the individual reasons leading to exclusion by targeting the underlying difficulties contributing to common behaviours exhibited by children and young people. Managing feelings and responses to situations, dealing with conflict, positive social interaction and accepting the direction of adults requires a level of emotional intelligence often lacking in children excluded from school. Our aim is to support our pupils to build these skills using interactive group sessions and 1:1 support. 

Primary pupils in year 6 and all pupils within our secondary provision participate in the Targeted Outreach Project delivered each term through the Refocus programme.  The Targeted Outreach Project is a thought provoking and hard hitting workshop designed to address the impact and reality of risk taking behaviours on vulnerable young people. Topics covered include substance misuse, offensive weapons, gangs and joint enterprise, exploitation, healthy relationships and county lines. The programme targets specific challenges faced by children and young people whilst focussing on how to make positive life choices in order to improve life chances both in school and the community.

All pupils attending the Refocus Intervention Programme from schools located in the London Borough of Bexley receive reintegration support in the home school. This ensures pupils are helped to transfer the strategies they have developed and continue their progress once they have returned to the mainstream setting.