Horizons Academy Bexley has a very clear uniform policy and students are expected to comply with this policy at all times.


  • Grey trousers
  • white polo with logo
  • purple sweatshirt with logo (permanently excluded pupils) or uniform of home school (for non-permanently excluded pupils)


  • Black trousers / skirt
  • white school shirt
  • black socks / tights
  • tie
  • plain black V neck jumper
  • Purple outdoor fleece with logo, black shoes (long term or permanently excluded pupils) or own school uniform worn by Refocus pupils (where not permanently excluded)

In addition, all students must not wear excessive jewellery. Also extreme haircuts with any kind of line or pattern shaved into and unnatural hair colouring are not permitted.

If students come to school without the correct uniform or kit, you will be telephoned to bring in the necessary items.